Shrubs and Bushes

Baby Blue Spruce

Zone 2

15 to 25 feet tall and mature width 15ft. 

Fat Albert Blue Spruce

Zone 2

A superb evergreen with rich blue needles. A great choice for Christmas Trees

Dolgo Crabappe white

Zone 3

Produces large edible fruit.  Great pollinator for some Apple varieties.

Amur Maple

Small, graceful tree with glossy green, lobed foliage and sprays of small, fragrant, yellow blooms on slender branches in spring. Radiant scarlet-red fall foliage and samaras. Prefers acidic, well-drained soil. Adaptable, extremely hardy and drought tolerant. Prune in full-leaf only.

Peking/Hedge Cotoneaster

Upright with shiny green foliage turning bright red in fall. Small pink blooms in spring mature to black ornamental berries persisting over winter. Mainly used for hedging. Tolerates salt and pollution. Adaptable to a variety of soil types and conditions.

Northern Gold Forsythia

Earliest blooming and most hardy forsythia with golden-yellow blooms appearing before bright green foliage in early spring. Hardy, spreading shrub. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil, but is drought tolerant once established.

Honey Bee Haskap

Dark blue, cylindrical fruit in early summer, ripens in late spring. Best when hand picked. Juice, wine or jelly - slightly tart. Excellent pollinator for Borealis, Tundra or Indigo Haskap. Excellent mildew resistance. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.

Borealis Haskap Berry H/S

Largest fruit with sweet, tangy flavor. Best flavored variety to date for home gardener. Do not over handle - will bleed and should not sit for several days before processing. Pollinate with Polar variety. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.

Arnold Red Honeysuckle

Fragrant, large, dark, cherry-red tubular blooms in spring followed by abundant large ornamental red berries in mid to late summer. Upright, spreading form with oval, green foliage. Aphid resistant. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established.

Blizzard Mock Orange

Profuse clusters of sweetly fragrant, single white blooms cloak this hardy shrub in late spring, hiding green serrated oval foliage. A winter-hardy COPF introduction. Native to SW Alberta. Used for xeriscape or specimen plant. Tolerates urban pollution.

Diabolo Ninebark

Dark, purple lobed foliage turns red-purple in fall. Small white blooms in early summer followed by red ornamental seedheads. Tolerates a variety of soil conditions. Contrast plant. Asexual propagation is prohibited. Tree form available.

Summer Wine® Ninebark

Neat, compact form. Lobed, serrated rich purple foliage accents pink-white blooms in summer, followed by clusters of red seed capsules. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established. Superior resistance to powdery mildew.

Jackmann Potentilla

Vigorous, upright shrub with large dark green foliage and large deep yellow blooms all summer. Multipurpose shrub. Prefers well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established.

Double Flowering Plum

Double, pink blooms blanket branches in early spring, before foliage emerges. Attractive, coarse, toothed light green, foliage turns yellow in fall. Fruitless. Prefers moist, fertile, well-drained loamy soil.

Hansa Rose

Large, full, double, violet-red strongly fragrant blooms in summer, followed by large red rose hips. Deeply veined, lightly serrated dark green foliage takes on attractive orange-hue in fall. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established.

Therese Bugnet Rose

Fragrant, old-fashioned rose with deep red buds opening to double deep pink blooms maturing to light pink on purplish canes with bright green foliage. Repeat blooms. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Drought and salt tolerant once established.

Snowmound Spirea

Dwarf with round clusters of snow white blooms along arching branches in late spring. Dense, dark green, small serrated oval foliage turns copper-bronze in fall. Borders, specimen or massed plant. Requires moist, well-drained soil. Tolerates pollution.

Three-Lobed Spirea

Globe-shaped shrub covered with rounded clusters of small, pure white blooms in spring. Attractive small three-lobed, dark green foliage. Ideal for small landscapes. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.

Dwarf Korean Lilac

Compact, dwarf lilac with red, pointed buds opening to fragrant, dainty, single lavender-pink blooms and dark green rounded leaves turning orange-red in fall. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established. Good for small spaces and hedging.

Royal Preston Lilac

Masses of large panicles with dark purple, single buds open up to lighter purple, fragrant blooms in late spring. Blooms later than most lilacs. Feature or screen plant. Non-suckering. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Drought tolerant once established.

Mugo Pine

Large, multi-stemmed shrub with short, dark evergreen needles. New purple-green cones mature to brown with symmetrical round shape. Resists winter burn and tolerates light shade. Drought tolerant once established in an acidic moist, well-drained soil.

Ruffled Velvet Siberian Iris

Large velvety purple standards with darker, rich violet falls highlighted by white centres with purple veins and golden accents. Blooms from early spring to late spring. Tolerates a wide variety of soil conditions. Drought tolerant once established.

'Strawberry Fair' Iris

Truly an elegant plant. Amazing ruffled strawberry-pink flowers have purple veining. Foliage is slender and grass-like. A gorgeous sight when mass planted and lovely as a cut flower.

The Rocket Ligularia

Large, rounded dark green, deeply-serrated foliage and spikes of yellow blooms on purple-black stems in summer. Use for specimen, back of border or waterside. Requires moist, well-drained soil.

Pink Cameo Peony

Fragrant peony with large rounded lavender-pink petals and thin, narrow ruffled ice-pink centres. Long tapered glossy, green foliage forms upright bushy mound. Mid-season blooms. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil, but is drought tolerant once established.

Norland Apple

A medium size (6-6.5cm) green apple with red stripes. Good for eating and baking. Stores well if picked under-ripe. Fruit drops when ripe in summer. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Semi-dwarf habit. Requires another apple within 150m (500') for cross-pollination.

Evans Sour Cherry

Prairie hardy with white blooms in spring and glossy green foliage. Big, sweet, bright red translucent fruit ripens in late summer. Good for eating, jams and jellies. Self-pollinating. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil.

Juliet Cherry

Excellent fresh eating, dark red cherry: good for processing. Ripens in summer. White spring blossoms appear before glossy, pointed green foliage turning yellow in fall. Self-pollinating. Requires well-drained soil. Romantic Series.

Parkland Pillar™ Birch

Very narrow, dense, columnar form. White branches highlight dark green foliage which turns gold in fall. Excellent screen, border or feature tree. Tolerates drought once established in a moist, well-drained soil. Prune in summer, in full-leaf, as needed.

Pink Spires Flowering Crabapple

Narrow, columnar form with purple-red leaves maturing to green-bronze in summer and orange-yellow in fall. Pink blooms in spring mature to dark red ornamental fruit which persist over winter. Prefers a moist, well-drained soil. Ideal for small landscapes.

Showy Mountain Ash

Hardiest Mtn. Ash. Slow growing, compact, round form. White bloom clusters in spring and red ornamental berries in fall are bigger than other Sorbus. Dark green leaflets turn orange-red in fall. Requires moist, but well-drained soil. Resists fireblight.

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