Mid-Valley Garden and Greenhouse

  • Thousands of trees and shrubs zoned for Alaska

  • Discounts for landscape companies

  • Biggest selection of perennials in Alaska

  • Premium hanging baskets

  • Doors open March 1st, online store always available

  • Retail store for one stop shopping 

  • New greenhouse addition of 5000 sq ft


  • Premium Flower Baskets-Some of the best money can buy.

  • Greenhouse and Garden Starts- we have trialed starts for over 30 years in Alaska and we have found some great ones.

  • An exciting line of trees and shrubs this year, many you can see growing on the property

  • Great Prices

  • New Retail Store: containers, ground cover, fertilizers, weed barrier, frost cloth, and much more

  • Farmers Market

Discounts for early  orders of trees and shrubs during the month of February

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or walk in orders begin March 1st!


Local Flowers and Produce

Mid-Valley Greenhouse carries beautiful, healthy hanging baskets that are of the highest quality, large standing flower containers, a wide variety of flower starts, proven Alaska veggie starts, and a large selection of herbs.  We also carry a variety of greenhouse items, such as cucumber, peppers, and a large selection of tomatoes.  We are very familiar with tomato varieties that work well in an unheated greenhouse in Alaska and taste great.  
We have grown hundreds of  varieties of heirloom, open pollinated, and hybrid tomatoes from around the world, and many of them come from cooler climates. Many of the heirlooms we have trialed came from  Siberia and Northern Russia, and do very well in AK greenhouses. We also are having good luck with several varieties outside in containers and in the garden too.
In the bragging rights category, our personal record tomato so far is a 5.51 lb tomato, and we had  plants that yielded 50 plus pounds from a few varieties too. We also have several of our own crosses of heirlooms, and some of our stable lines such as Mat-Su Express are available too. We have tomato varieties for giant fruit, and for production, but the taste is always most important.  
We will assist you with any questions you have concerning what tomato starts are right for you.